New Blog, New Rules

“You can’t spell ignorant without IGN”

-Pretty much every gamer ever.

I’ve decided, weather it be from lack of coverage of unique games, or just because I’m sick of reviewers moistening the taints of Call of Duty and Madden, I’m beginning this new blog.

It will be dedicated to game reviews, game info, random shit, and stuff Queuethulu Games is working on. So half fan service, half self-service.

If anyone has been to one of my panels at Anime or Sci Fi conventions, you know nothing is sacred. I’m not PC and I will not act PC because someone’s delicate sensibilities demand it. If you want PC go to elsewhere, because this is your first and only warning.

While I personally am a fan of horror, I will do my best to cover things out of my norm. Aside sports games. Unless they make another Mutant League, I will not cover any Madden, Fifa, NHL, whatever basketball is or that sport with the stick and steroids.

I’m currently working on my first review, which is one of the games that helped spark this. Look for it in the coming days.


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